Serving to the markets, finest range of Plates, Tubes, Plastic Machined Components, Rods and Peek Machined Components of Engineering Plastics at rates that are easy to afford...

About Us

We, Vinit Performance Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is a famous company involved in changing new generation engineering plastics into stock shapes, which are used for machining of engineering components performing under difficult conditions of friction, wear, load, thermal/electrical insulation and corrosive environment.

Over two decades, our company has been involved in manufacturing and distributing engineering plastic stock shapes and Plastic Machined Components. Our offered materials like PP, PE's are used for low temperature, whereas PA66, PA6G, POM, PETP, PBT are used for moderate temperature use and PA, PES, PSU, PEI, PVDF and PEEK are used for high temperature use.

Under the brand name of POLYMAT, our company manufactures stock shapes like Blocks, Rods, and Tubes in the range of 6 mm dia to 200 mm dia. from different variety of performance polymers. All these products include polyolefins (HDPE/PP) for thermal & load conditions with average to good chemical corrosion properties, Polyamides (Nylon 6 and 66) for low friction & load bearing capacity Polyacetals (Homo and Co Polymer) & Polyester for electrical and bearing properties with dimensional stability. We have inhouse capabilities to provide material modifications and customized stock shapes for custom applications. Our High performance materials consist of Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), Polyethersulfone (PES), Polyetherimide(PEI), Polysulphone(PSU), and PolyetheretherKetone (PEEK) for applications need good mechanical properties at high thermal conditions. Our growth has been nurtured by continues investment in development for increasing process capabilities, expanding product range and for new material developments.

Significant Contribution of Stakeholders

Contribution of our stakeholders is one of the major reasons of our growth. We look forward to building the trust resposed in our company as we move ahead to become a famous supplier with focus on performance plastic stock and machines components.
We value the contribution of our stakeholders in our growth over the years and look forward to building on the trust reposed in our company as we march ahead to become a leading quality supplier with focus on performance plastic stock shapes and machined components.

Quality Assurance

Our products are made to high industry standards under quality monitoring regime so as to fulfill the expectation of our customers for worldwide competitiveness. All our products have been widely used for components performing under challenging conditions by industry across manufacturing segments that includes Textile, Transportation, Machine building, Food and Pharma, Energy and Defense, Medical, Components made from our products usually find it's way to global destinations as component of exported machinery.

A Company which Satisfies its Customers

With a determination to satisfy our customers, we have maintained certain attributes, through which we succeed at winning the trust of clients. Any client who comes to us, is impressed by availing our genuine quality product, and by getting treated in a most ethical manner. Some of these are:-
  • We never delay the delivery of our products.
  • We always price our offerings at rates that suits the budget of customers.
  • We never deliver product of less impressive quality than before.

Products Range:

  • Engineering Plastic Rods
  • Engineering Plastic Machined Components
  • Engineering Plastic Sheets
  • Engineering Plastic Tubes
  • Industrial PVDF Sheets
  • Industrial PTFE Sheets
  • Industrial PVDF Tubes

Our Team

Personnel working in the facility of our company have helped us earn success in this market. It is their efforts, and sincerity in functioning that helps us become a distinct firm. They never compromise with the quality of work, and promise to always help us achieve whatever we seek for. Each one of our employee has rich expertise in their respective domain of work, and ensure to best at whatever we allocate to them. The work done by these personnel sets new standard in the markets, on which new companies look up to, and because of which we have become a priority of customers.
Most Popular Products
Serving to the markets, finest range of Plates, Tubes, Rods and Peek Machined Components of Engineering Plastics at rates that are easy to afford...
Peek Tubes
POLYETHER ETHERKETONE engineering plastic extruded stock shapes available in PEEK NAT and PEEK CF grades are part of a range of high performance engineering plastic products offered under trade name POLYMAT for machining into industrial components. These products are made using the best raw material in modern production facility under strict quality confirming to international standards. POLYETHER ETHERKETONE known, as PEEK is a semi crystalline thermoplastic with high tensile strength, stiffness, good wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, excellent chemical resistance and very low moisture absorption. This broad range of useful properties in addition its ability to retain them over a long period under elevated temperature mechanical stresses and demanding environmental conditions make it a premium engineering plastic of choice for many applications. PEEK is commonly specified for high temperature applications requiring combination of thermal, chemical and combustion properties. Electrical properties of POLYETHER ETHERKETONE are not influenced by limited moisture uptake under working conditions. As a result, POLYETHER ETHERKETONE exhibits excellent dimensional stability and dielectric properties. Filled grades of POLYETHER ETHERKETONE offer enhanced tribiological and other properties for demanding custom application. PEEK is amenable to standard metal working machine tools and can be fabricated with ease to yield smooth surface finish. Information on technical properties for designers is provided on the back side. More specific data and engineering assistance is available upon request. Peek TM is registered brand name for PEEK of Victrex plc. ADVANTAGES: Very High Service Temperature Good Chemical and Hydrolysis Resistance Excellent Dimensional Stability High Mechanical Properties at Elevated Temperatures Good Wear and Frictional Properties Good Insulating Properties Excellent Machinability APPLICATIONS: Automotive Electronics Chemical Aerospace Medical Food Oil Exploration
Peek Machined Component
PEEK is high temperature resistant thermoplastic.It has long term service temperature of upto 260degc.It has excellent mechanical properties Application eg : valve cover, valve seals, seal rings,pump seals, spacers, hydraulic & pneumatic equipments

A Company which Satisfies its Customers

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a company which never disappoints its customers. Since the day we started our journey, we have always focused on only one thing, which is to keep our customers content from our end. We do anything and everything in the best of our capability to make the respected customers realize that we are the best choice for them.
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