Offered range of polyacetal Rods are used for developing underground components, rollers etc. These have maximum 150 mm thickness and have less moisture absorption capacity. These are suitable for  harsh working environment.
This array of Sheets is made of polyacetal material. Developed by skilled personnel, this range of engineering grade plastic is UV proof. Good dielectric strength, 1.32 gram/cm3 density and ability to endure mechanical stress are their key aspects.
This array of polymath Tubes is reckoned for its low moisture absorption level, wear and chemical proof design. These can endure severe working condition. Good dielectric attributes and stable dimension are their main aspects.

Machined Components
Machined Components offered by us are made of PA. These have 1.15 gm/cm3 to 1.3 gm/cm3 density range and 54 MPa strength. Being UV protected, these components can be used at high pressure and high temperature conditions.
Nylon Rods
This array of Nylon Rods is capable of -40 degree C temperature. These have 350 degree C melting point. Abrasion proof design, wear protection capacity, standard density and specific melting point are their key aspects.

This range of polymath made Industrial Washers has been developed as per global norms. Standard stiffness, high tensile strength and wear proof design are their main aspects. These can absorb minimal moisture.
Peek ring
Polyether ether ketone made Peek Rings are used to design industrial machine parts. These have less moisture absorption capacity and unique dielectric strength. These have 116 MPa strength. Utilization of latest extrusion technique is one of their main aspects.
Peek plate
Developed by following extrusion technology, this range of Peek plates has 116 MPa strength. These are used for designing components for various industrial equipments. Long working life and non toxic content are their main features.
Peek Bar
Offered extruded Peek Bars are used in automotive, chemical and also in other industries. These have good thermal resistance attributes. These have maximum 150 mm thickness and their density is 1.32 g/cm3.

PTFE Products
PTFE Products can endure maximum 390 bar of operating pressure. These are non-sticky by nature  and have sturdy construction. Seamless surface finish and low friction rate are their main aspects.
Peek Bush
This range of extruded Peek Bushes has 1.32 gm/cm3 density. Long lasting quality, ability to endure wide temperature range, capacity to resist mechanical stress and low moisture absorption capacity are their key aspects.
PEEK valve plate

A valve plate constructed using polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is applied in several applications as a component. The component works by opening and closing as impacted by the pressure changes to control the flow of liquid or gas. PEEK valve plate is lightweight and resistant to wear and corrosion.